At Carlton Park Management we have the knowledge and experience to advise commercial property landlords of their rights when encountering dilapidation claims. Our team will ensure the correct processes are followed and that costs are covered

19th June 2018

New Opportunity: Former NatWest Bank, Stockport

Looking to expand your business with a unique and spacious premises? Buckley Commercial and Carlton Park are offering a new opportunity to match your growing organisational needs. The […]
14th June 2018

Don’t Let a Bad Experience Put You Off Commercial Property Management

Once bitten, twice shy as the old saying goes. If you’ve had a bad experience with a management agency overseeing your commercial property, you’d be forgiven […]
1st June 2018

Is Your Property Investment Being Properly Cared For?

To make any investment worthwhile, great care needs to be taken to nurture your interests. In the case of commercial property, however, many individuals are finding […]
26th March 2018

Why Should You Choose a Property Management Company Over a Collection Agency to Recover Old Commercial Debt?

As we’ve spoken about in a previous article, old commercial debt can be a weighty burden on landlords left to cover unpaid rent. In that article, […]
31st January 2018

Old Commercial Debt Weighing You Down? Lighten the Load

What happens to your finances when a tenant goes into administration, leaving you with an empty commercial property and unpaid rent? Or what if your tenants […]