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26th January 2018

Late Rent Payments Affect Much More Than Just a Landlord’s Profit Margin – Here’s What You Can Do About It

Late rent payments: at their best, they’re a mild nuisance to commercial property landlords, but leave the problem to grow and the consequences can soon stack […]
29th December 2017

Mixing Drinks is a Recipe for Disaster, So Why Mix Tenant Incomes?

We all know that mixing alcoholic drinks, although tempting, will inevitably end in disaster. Unfortunately, a similar situation seems to be common in commercial property – […]
22nd December 2017

Does This Picture Look Familiar? It Could Be Costing You Your Fire Insurance

As anyone who has put in a claim will know, insurers rarely want to pay out – but when an incident such as a fire occurs, […]
15th December 2017

Don’t Pay for Tenant Shortcomings: Preventing Property Dilapidation

As every landlord will know, getting tenants to stick to their obligations is not always plain sailing. But when your property suffers damage and dilapidation as […]
8th December 2017

Before You Buy, Are You Aware of a Property’s Hidden Costs?

Whilst political upheaval leaves much to be desired in other markets, commercial property continues to be a popular investment choice. But in order to get the […]