We value your property portfolio as our own. Just as we'd expect our rents to be paid in a timely manner, so we ensure that your tenants will prioritise their payments.

Rent Collection

At Carlton Park we appreciate that a key principle of good estate management is to ensure that rents and other monies owed are paid in a timely fashion.

Tenants have businesses themselves and we know that given the opportunity to do so, they will prioritise their business over yours and delay payment of rent. Our experience has shown that the longer the rent is outstanding, the lower the chance of receiving it fully.

We allocate account managers to each tenant who stay in close contact with them. Our managers maintain this relationship for the duration of the lease term. This fosters a relationship of trust whereby tenant issues are dealt with rapidly and rents are paid as and when required.

Carlton Park have the expertise to ensure that rents are paid on time whilst maintaining excellent relationships with your tenants.

  • Simon G
    Israel has recently assisted me in reclaiming outstanding rent owed by previous commercial tenants. Initially, I didn’t think I was able to secure the amount owed – let alone that it would be financially viable to do so. With Carlton Park’s help, I’ve been able to retrieve [a large percentage] of backdated rent, and in the process, enthusiasm in my investment has been restored. In short, I'm very happy with the work undertaken on my behalf. Thank you Israel and the Carlton Park team.
    Simon G
    Private Commercial Landlord
  • David Bailey
    I have worked regularly with Israel on various commercial property matter for over 8 years. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in commercial property management and always goes the extra mile to get the right result for his clients. He is professional and courteous at all times-and is especially good a keeping a cool head in difficult situations.
    David Bailey
    Commercial Property Disputes at Napthens LLP
  • Avi Barr
    Israel is one of those rare individuals with a wealth of experience of the day to day aspects of property management but with expertise and knowledge to assist his clients by providing very accurate and helpful advice to the professionals he works with. As a lawyer I find Israel a very proactive and commercial client who is always able to contribute with effective and well thought out strategic approaches to property issues
    Avi Barr
    Lawrence Stephens Solicitors